Why are we going to be your favorite vegan supplier?

The demand for vegan food in a non vegan establishment remains unpredictable. Cooking tasty vegan food can be both complicated and very time consuming.  
All of these elements makes it pretty unprofitable for the establishment to cook it themself. 
And using industrial ingredients result in different level of quality for the vegan offering. 

Veganery is here to solve that problem for you!

One stop shop

With our wide variety of products, we can supply your every need in vegan products! 

Taste & texture

These are 2 key elements in providing a great experience to your customers. 
Forget grilled veggies and plain pasta and welcome pleasure and taste!  

Ease of use

Our products are super easy to prepare and to integrate in your dishes.


All our products are freshly made for you. 
Your vegan option will be just as good as the rest of your menu.

Catering & Business Lunchs

Escape from everyday boring lunches and discover our sandwiches and salads. 
And don't forget to try our amazing sweets to properly finish your meal. 



Some classics with a vegan twist, a must try! 


Some delicious treats to finish your meal and accompany your coffee: Cookies, snickers & brownies are waiting for you! 


Tasty, crispy and generous! What more to ask? 


Don't worry, we take care of everything. Your lunch will be delivered to your door. 


We would like to thank our trusted customers!
Here are some of them...